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Hanzon Jobs specialises in finding the best match possible between the aspirations of machinery drivers and agriculture workers from abroad and the requirements of contractors and dairy farmers throughout NZ.

Through Hanzon Jobs workers are given the opportunity to travel, up-skill, earn their way and enjoy the many opportunities that a stint ‘down-under’ can offer. With a wealth of practical experience and a down-to-earth approach in sourcing workers, Hanzon Jobs provides NZ contractors and dairy farmers with reliable, appropriately skilled and motivated workers.

Hanzon is looking for drivers & livestock workers

Are you worried about how much work there will be in England through the winter? Why not escape the cold and have a season of working and travelling in New Zealand? We can match you with employers everyone likes to work for. They know how to keep good people and give them a good time.

We enjoyed having many happy lads in New Zealand this year, some getting to drive gear never thought possible back home. Have us arrange your off season driving job and show you how to get the required New Zealand visa. Work hard, play hard with Hanzon Jobs in New Zealand. Get your job now by registering

Mark Cottey. 22

“It’s a beautiful place, weather’s good, scenery is great & everyone is so easy to speak to... . it’s a good bit of fun”
Mark Cottey, 22 UK
Feedback from Hanzon workers


“Don’t bring a whole load of clothes. All you need are the essentials and buy the rest as it is cheaper. Don’t bring work jeans, waste of space, you will never use them... . The open spaces, the quiet roads, big wide roads, friendly people… . Bigger area farms... . Big dairy herds, average over 600 and up to 1200 in the area where I worked. Adam Pike, Devon England
“It’s a beautiful place, weather’s good, scenery is great and everyone is so easy to speak to… it’s a good bit of fun... Don’t even think twice. I will be heading back next summer, as they want me back to drive their new Krone Big M II" Mark Cottey, 22 from Devon, UK.
“Good weather to get jobs done, also beer o’clock rules … bring a pair of shorts!” Jason Kerr, Northern Ireland
“Our accommodation was ideal. Everything you wanted plus good looking kiwi girls next door.” James Salter, Dorset, England
“Don’t hold back, do it while you can.” Joe Dobson, Cumbria, UK
"Just go out there expecting one big adventure, back yourself and, most of all, just enjoy it". David Pidsley. 22 Dunkeswell, Devon
“The weather. You can depend on the weather forecast.”
Jason McCurdy, County Down, Northern Ireland
“Doing things differently, using new equipment, family approach to earning … traveling around, meeting new people, bungy jumping.” Tom Bannon, Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, Ireland.
"Don’t worry about missing out on anything back home as when I got back it felt as if I had only been gone a week" Sid Tucker. 24 Luppit, Devon.

Adam Pike, Devon England

Mark Cottey. 22

Joe Dobson

Joe Dobson

David Pidsley. 22 from Dunkeswell, Devon. Runs a contracting business

Sid Tucker. 24

Hanzon is looking for contractors & dairy farmers

“They’ve been brilliant. I’ve been 100% happy with them. They all had experience in machinery and just hopped straight into it; no training was needed. They all knew what they were doing.” — Brian Hughes, Waimatua, Invercargill. Feedback from Hanzon Contractors
Brian Hughes is a farmer and contractor based in Waimatua, Invercargill. He does silage, baleage, direct drilling and full cultivation. He has six permanent staff but needs 15 during the season. He employed four Englishmen this season. Three were through Hanzon Jobs and the other arrived independently. They arrived in October and left at the end of March. They got on well with everyone and I’ve offered them all jobs next year. If Richard guarantees six guys of the same calibre next year we’ll employ them.

Hanzon provides drivers and dairy workers to contractors and dairy farmers in NZ. The workers recruited by Hanzon come mainly from the UK and Ireland but also Canada, France, USA and Germany.

In 2008 Richard recruited 35 young farm workers from the UK and Ireland, all of whom completed full work placements during the summer season in NZ. For 2009, through Hanzon Jobs Richard is looking at recruiting up to 100 workers.



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