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Hanzon provides drivers and dairy workers to contractors and dairy farmers in NZ. The workers recruited by Hanzon come mainly from the UK and Ireland but also Canada, France, USA and Germany.


Hanzon provides workers who:

  • Are hand picked, have supplied references and been interviewed to ensure that they have the skills and attitude that will enable them to do the job and fit in.
  • Are reliable, honest and hard working.
  • Have agricultural experience in either driving farm machinery or working with livestock.
  • Are flexible, able to adapt and work co-operatively as part of a team.
  • Are motivated to try new things and able to take advantage of opportunities to up-skill.
  • Are 18-28 years old & speak English.


Hanzon is looking for contractors and dairy farmers who:

  • Provide workers with a rate of pay that is fair and accurately reflects the work and responsibilities that workers provide, from the more skilled workers who can work on their own initiative to those working as part of a team.
  • Provide comfortable and adequate accommodation. When workers are doing long hours it is essential that they have a decent standard of accommodation for the length of their employment.
  • Value a working relationship based on mutual respect: giving the occasional thanks to a worker can go a long way.

Workers enjoying a beer with their contractors, leaving bash 2008

The boys enjoying a beer with their work mates before heading home.

We offer capable, motivated, handpicked workers from overseas for your farm!

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Brian Hughes, farmer and contractor based in Waimatua, Invercargil, employed 3 Hanzon workers from the UK, during the 2008 season:

“They’ve been brilliant. I’ve been 100 percent happy with them. They all had experience in machinery and just hopped straight into it; no training was needed. They all knew what they were doing.”