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Richard Houston who runs Hanzon Jobs has worked for farm contractors in the UK, US and Australia. His parents run a dairy farm in the South Island, milking 800 cows. Richard has been living and breathing farm work since his early years.

Inspired by his own experience of working on farms in other countries Richard developed the idea of setting up a farm work agency. He had met many people who were keen to combine farm work with travelling.

The idea became a reality in 2006 when Richard launched his farm work agency, Hanzon Jobs.

Richard brought together his wealth of experience and knowledge, having farm contacts throughout NZ, and matched this resource with a pool of farm workers he met in the UK who were keen to have a summer working in NZ.

Hanzon Jobs is a seasonal farm work agency with a difference: Richard’s down to earth, relaxed approach is unique. Most of all, he wants workers who come to NZ to have a memorable experience, combining hard work with hard play.

Having worked for contractors overseas, Richard has an insider’s understanding of what it is like for workers, working away from home. He speaks the same language. Equally, Richard’s practical experience and knowledge of both livestock and machinery farm work ensures that the workers he brings into NZ are a good match for the positions offered by contractors and dairy farmers. It is a win-win recipe.

In 2008 Richard recruited 35 young farm workers from the UK and Ireland, all of whom completed full work placements during the summer season in NZ. For 2009, through Hanzon Jobs Richard is looking at recruiting up to 100 workers.

We offer capable, motivated, handpicked workers from overseas for your farm!

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