Dairying Jobs

There are many different roles within the industry itself. Where you enter the industry will depend on your skill level and dairy farming knowledge. The different levels of working on a farm are a Farm Assistant and an Assistant Herd Manager.


Farm Assistant

This is the starting level for most of you with little past dairying experience. It is a position that will require a basic understanding of dairying. Skills that you will be expected to learn are milking and basic animal health. This level allows you to be exposed to most tasks conducted on the farm, so learning is at an optimum.


Assistant Herd Manager

This is the next step up the ladder and will require a broad skill set and knowledge of running a dairy farm. These skills include tractor driving, running the parlour, including both plant and vat washes, and being able to identify and treat animal health problems. You will have a high level of responsibility and must be able to work unsupervised, getting the task at hand done to a high standard.


2007/2008 Dairy Season Stats

New Zealand dairy farming is one of the strongest agricultural sectors in NZ, with 14,745 million litres of milk being processed from 4,012,867 cows in the 07/08 season. The average herd size is 351 and per cow they produce an average of 17ltr/day for the season. Most of the North Island farms have swing over parlours while the South Island has the newer more modern rotaries.