Machinery Driving Jobs

We have a wide range of jobs that deal with all aspects of Agricultural Contracting. What you end up doing will depend on your level of skills and your employer’s requirements.


If you just put your head down and do a good job you will be very surprised by the opportunities that will open up for you.

I had a young chap this year that had never done much apart from trailer work and he is now on a McHale Fusion and is a busy boy with heavy grass yields. A summer season in New Zealand will give you an introduction to the very best of Kiwi culture.

Working in one of the great agriculture countries in the world will open up opportunities, enhance your work skills and experience, bring a wealth of new friends and a boost to your self confidence.


“If you can prove you can drive and work on the machine, it is yours: they will trust you with it going everyday.” — Stephen Woods
“If you’re thinking about doing it, get on and do it” — Sid Tucker (UK)